CELDi affiliations benefit faculty, students, and maybe even you

Story by: Sarah Scully In 2008, Chinese production of the blood thinner herapin was tainted by blue ear pig disease, 81 patients died and hundreds more had severe allergic reactions in the United States. Eleven other countries were affected as well. University of Missouri engineering assistant professor Mustafa Sir uses this example to illustrate how […]

“Facebook Challenge” promotes competition team awareness

University of Missouri engineering competition teams are using Facebook to raise awareness about their activities and progress. A current Facebook contest, proposed by Charlie Triplett, engineering I-net administrator, is being held in an effort to promote engineering teams, recruit new students and spread the word. The contest began Sept. 9, and challenges each student team […]

Team receives high marks in PASCAL grand challenge

Tony Han, assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering, and his team of graduate research assistants have been perfecting their  object detection software for over three years, but 2009 marks the first year they submitted their work to the international PASCAL grand challenge in object detection for feedback. The challenge, which began in 2005, invites […]

Building bridges safely and efficiently

As phobias go, the fear of bridges — gephyrophobia — is fairly common, and irrational indeed, given that actual bridge collapses like the 2007 mishap in Minneapolis, Minn., are extremely rare. The government would like to keep it that way, and beginning October 1, 2007, the Federal Highway Administration required all states to adopt Load […]

Neuroscience 101

Early in August, the University of Missouri’s Colleges of Engineering and Biological Sciences co-sponsored the third annual Neuroscience Summer Workshop. Intended for undergraduate faculty who teach in two- and four-year colleges and universities and high school science teachers, the aim of the NSF funded two-day workshop is to give participants an introduction to neuroscience models […]

Lafferre Hall addition

Faculty, staff and students of the University of Missouri College of Engineering hosted a dedication ceremony and open house on November 5 to officially launch the long-awaited and newly completed addition to Lafferre Hall. Phase I in the college’s multi-phase reconstruction and renovation replaced the razed 1922 addition — 25,000 square feet of high-bay labs […]

Mizzou Engineering graduate student selected for NASA summer program

Dario Cersosimo has always had an interest in space exploration. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the University of Missouri mechanical and aerospace engineering graduate student began his summer vacation with research and weekly phone conferences in preparation for the 21st NASA Planetary Science Summer School held August 3-7 at the NASA Jet Propulsion […]

Chemical engineering paper receives ‘Most Cited Author’ award

Story by: Jashin Lin In 2004, Galen Suppes, chemical engineering professor at the University of Missouri, and his team published a paper in Applied Catalysis A, a prominent chemistry journal. The paper’s title, “Transesterification of soybean oil with zeolite and metal catalysts”, might not be a phrase to set one’s imagination on fire, but the […]

Three engineering faculty papers accepted by international conference

Mizzou Engineering will be well represented at the Twelfth IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) to be held in Kyoto, Japan this fall. “It’s a highly selective conference,” said Tony Han, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, explaining that out of 2,000-plus submissions, only 260 papers were accepted. Han, who also served as […]

Engineering graduate student studies functionality of blood vessels

Story by: Jashin Lin A video of bright, gently pulsing, irregular green stripes dimly lights up a computer screen in a small laboratory. To the right is a complex-looking construct with racks that takes up most of the available space, and to the left is Srikanth Ella, a doctoral student in biological engineering at the […]

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