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Scholarship program celebrates success

November is traditionally a month of get-togethers and celebrations, though not all are holiday-related. Some gatherings, like the one hosted by University of Missouri Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Gregory Triplett, are meant to celebrate accomplishment and success. On Dec. 8, Triplett will treat the eight scholars in electrical and computer engineering (ECE) […]

Electric Car Club sparks interest of Mizzou Engineers

new competition team is making its University of Missouri College of Engineering debut. The Mizzou Electric Car Club is meeting weekly in their quest to perfect the conversion of a gas-powered vehicle to one that runs on electricity. A first meeting was held in October after a mass e-mail went out to mechanical and electrical […]

Sam Kiger named Engineering Fellow

Sam Kiger, associate dean of research for the University of Missouri College of Engineering, was recently recognized for his many contributions to the civil engineering profession. Kiger, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for over 30 years, was elected as Fellow by the ASCE in October. Originally from Oklahoma, Kiger earned […]

Mizzou Engineering and Shanghai University plan cooperative Computer Science undergraduate degree

Since the 1940s, the term “globalization” has been used to describe the increasing connectivity between people around the world. On November 30, the University of Missouri Computer Science Department increased its global connections when College of Engineering and MU administrators met with officials from Shanghai University to discuss implementation of a cooperative agreement between the […]

Biosensors to provide rapid detection of Salmonella

Each year, 40,000 cases of salmonella are reported in the United States, though the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) believes that contaminated food may cause up to 35 times that many. It is the second leading cause of food-related illness of bacterial origin. Annually, more than 400 deaths are attributed to the bacterial pathogen, with […]

NSF Early Career Development program Career Award for Hao Li

Since coming to the University of Missouri as an assistant professor in mechanical and aerospace engineering four years ago, Hao Li has successfully “borrowed ideas from nature to design materials with an engineering approach” in his nanotechnology-related research. Promising preliminary results in Li’s study of biomimetic nanocomposites have paid off, as he recently received notification […]

Researchers explore ways to give amphibians rights of way

Story by: Sarah Scully Kathleen Trauth, an associate professor in the civil and environmental engineering at the University of Missouri, and Ray Semlitsch, a curators’ professor in biological sciences at MU, aim to guide future rights-of-way (ROWs) designs and placement of mitigation wetlands. They also plan to create experimentally proven methods to relocate rare, declining […]

New chair named to Department of Chemical Engineering

C. W. LaPierre Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Missouri Baolin Deng has been named chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering. “I have a lot of common research interests with the chemical engineering faculty,” said Deng who received his undergraduate degree in applied chemistry and master’s degree in geochemistry from […]

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