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Computer Science professor achieves IEEE highest grade

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Computer Science professor achieves IEEE highest grade

Professor Xinhua Zhuang is a C.W. LaPierre professor in the Computer Science Department and a member of the 2010 class of prestigious IEEE Fellows.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) elevated Mizzou Engineering professor Xinhua Zhuang to its highest rank, Fellow, this year for his work in image processing, computer vision and image coding.

IEEE Fellow status is granted to engineers who demonstrate proficiency and distinction in their profession. IEEE elevates a fraction of its 375,000 members to Fellow each year. The selections never exceed one tenth of one percent of its total voting membership.

Zhuang, C.W LaPierre professor of computer science, began the research that earned him the honor after he immigrated to the United States from China in 1983. His pioneering work in multidimensional signal processing had substantial impacts in image processing, computer vision and image coding. In 1996 he developed SLCCA, image coding technology that he said consistently outperforms JPEG and JPEG2000.

Zhuang said that being an IEEE Fellow has “truly helped” him in research and funding, particularly in the China Institute program, an arrangement he helped construct whereby Chinese students will attend computer science classes for two years in Shanghai and complete the degree at MU.

Zhuang has authored close to 300 publications and written chapters for eight books. His publications introduced efficient solutions to optimization problems in a variety of areas, including image sequence motion analysis, robust computer vision, neural networks and more recently, Internet search engine design. But, he said, more important than his innovations themselves was the broader understanding each brought for the nature of the underlying optimization problem.

In recent years Zhuang has worked extensively with the China program, promoting Mizzou to prospective Chinese students. He also has organized a number of international conferences.

“In the next three years I’d like to work out the China program, continue to get high quality, and a large number of students here,” he said.

Zhuang is grateful for the recognition of what he’s achieved. “These kinds of things can help me one way or another,” he said.  “I’m pretty happy.”

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