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Computer science academic adviser honored

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Computer science academic adviser honored

Adrianna Lynn, academic advisor for the computer science department, was nominated and honored as an outstanding advisor at campus wide ceremony. MU’s Deputy Chancellor Mike Middleton presented honorees with plaques and gratitude for their hard work.

Adrianna Lynn, the academic adviser for all 400 of the students in the computer science department – including IT – was one of 10 academic advisers from across campus nominated for the University of Missouri’s 2010 Professional Adviser Award.

Sponsored by the MU Adviser’s Forum, with support from the provost’s office, nominees were honored at a ceremony on April 15. MU Deputy Chancellor Mike Middleton, who introduced each of the nominees and presented them with a plaque, said that the growth in MU’s retention rate can be directly attributed to advising excellence.

“I really enjoy working with the students in the CS and IT programs,” said Lynn. “Getting to know them and helping them reach their dreams is more satisfying than I could have ever imagined.”

Dong Xu, computer science department chair, made the nomination, and expressed his pleasure at having Lynn as part of his team.

“Adrianna begins working with students before they are admitted to the program when they visit as prospective high school students,” Xu wrote in his nomination letter. “She looks at students’ on-going needs over time; challenges them to achieve their potential and views them as active partners in their academic and personal growth during their time at MU.”

A support letter, written by Dale Musser, director of the College of Engineering’s IT program, said, “Adrianna is a fantastic academic adviser who tirelessly and cheerfully shepherds our students from a time before they are freshman until they graduate. In my time in higher education she is undoubtedly the best academic adviser with whom I have had the pleasure of working. She genuinely cares for the students and, I believe, sees her position as more than a job.”

“I am honored that the students and faculty felt I should be nominated for MU’s Excellence In Advising award. I hope to continue to meet their expectations in years to come!” said Lynn.

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