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Ford honored by Tribute to MU Women

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Ford honored by Tribute to MU Women

Director of Engineering Student Enrichment Jill Ford was honored in the 2011 Tribute to MU Women ceremony on March 17. Ford was nominated by Engineering’s Associate Dean for Academic Programs Lex Akers (left) and Wolpers Hall Coordinator Colin Daly.

Jill Ford, director of engineering student enrichment at the University of Missouri, was honored with six other women in the 2011 Tribute to MU Women ceremony on March 17.

Originally hired as a coordinator in the dean’s office, Ford proved herself an invaluable member of the academic team and was named director of the Office of Student Enrichment, which has since expanded to be the Office of Student Services.

Ford’s responsibilities include oversight of student retention, student development, enrichment programs, recruitment, scholarships and international programs. Ford also assists the student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and spearheaded the female engineering Freshman Interest Group.

In her spare time, she is working on a master’s degree in MU’s College of Education.

“Jill is phenomenally competent,” said Lex Akers, engineering’s associate dean for academic programs and a supporter of the nomination. “She always has 10 balls in the air and does it all very well. I consider her a role model for young women.”

Ford has worked closely with the administration to expand the college’s international programs, recently traveling to China to assist Akers in making contacts and promoting Mizzou Engineering.

“Jill contributes so much to the college,” said Akers, “She is my right-hand person. The coordination of academic programs is very complex and when I am occupied on projects in support of the dean, she steps in and takes the reins.”

Colin Daly, Wolpers Hall coordinator, nominated Ford for the award, citing her excellence in performance, leadership and hard work.

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