Outreach programs introduce engineering to younger students

Toothpicks and gumdrops may not be the materials most civil engineers use when building bridge supports, but for elementary school-aged students, they are perfect for teaching how design can affect a structure. In an effort to introduce engineering’s potential to children long before they are ready for college entrance exams, several engineering departments and organizations […]

What’s new from IMSE student organizations

IMSE Honors Society prepares for annual open house Every year, Alpha Pi Mu participates in Mizzou Engineering’s Open House, which invites elementary through high school students to tour Lafferre Hall and participate in lab exhibits that relate engineering to different elementary ideas. Alpha Pi Mu annually organizes these lab exhibits for the Industrial Engineering Department. […]

First rapid prototype class offered at Mizzou

Contracted prototype work from on-campus entities and private companies has allowed the University of Missouri College of Engineering to build a cutting-edge rapid prototype facility that doubles as a teaching lab, allowing MU students to gain experience in cutting-edge technology within the rapidly expanding prototype field. Mizzou Engineering offered its first prototyping class in the […]

IMSE graduate chooses to pursue master’s degree

Steven Beattie decided to pursue a master’s degree in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering because he believes it will be an advantage when he starts looking for a job. “You can do great things with a bachelor’s but a master’s is a piece of paper that really opens doors in the job market,” Beattie said. […]

MU IMSE offers past, present, future IMSE students Lean Six Sigma certification

Lean Six Sigma is a quantitative approach to improving a process. It is applicable to any process for which there is data measuring performance, like a hospital admission process, a manufacturing process or how a bank processes loans. James Noble, a professor in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering (IMSE) at the University of Missouri, said […]

Conference will discuss space policies of the future

Marc Canellas has always wanted to be an astronaut. His interest in space policy led Canellas, now a senior in mechanical and aerospace engineering, to a summer spent studying the policies of human space travel as part of the Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) program. His experience at WISE inspired the idea of […]

NASA donates jet engine

Students and visitors to the College of Engineering have a reason to stop and stare: a jet engine from NASA currently on display near Student Services in Lafferre Hall. Steve Nagel, a former astronaut who now teaches in the College of Engineering and works as a retention specialist, coordinated the acquisition of the engine. He […]

IMSE majors take the helm for E-Week organizing board

Michael Hartmann and Jessica Pedraza, two industrial and manufacturing systems engineering students, are co-presidents of the St. Pat’s Board. They’ve both been involved in organizing E-Week since they were freshmen. “It’s definitely a new experience,” said Pedraza, a junior. “What I was most surprised at was making all the connections behind the scenes.” As freshmen, […]

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