Research shows new battery to have reduced costs, charge times

Galen Suppes, J.C. Dowell Professor in chemical engineering, has developed and demonstrated a new “convection battery” that is a giant step toward allowing electric vehicles to replace those dependent on petroleum. The battery uses a pump, similar to a radiator pump in an automobile, to increase power output of batteries. “Improved battery technology is the single […]

Jost turns education, experiences into successful entrepreneurial venture

In 1985, with more than a decade of chemical engineering industrial experience under his belt, 1971 University of Missouri alumnus Jerry Jost’s position at Mallincrodt was eliminated. Jost was 38 and unemployed. He decided it was a good point in his life to start a business, and launched Jost Chemical Co. from a 20,000 sq. […]

Chemical engineering scholarship allows for graduate student’s research

When looking for graduate programs in chemical engineering last year, Leonhard Sze decided to apply to the University of Missouri. Never mind that his first introduction to MU was picking Mizzou to go to the Final Four in his NCAA basketball bracket. The offer of the Robert and Dorcas Holtsmith Graduate Student Scholarship enticed Sze […]

Undergraduate researcher studies biomaterials

Megan Schroeder took the initiative to introduce herself to Matthew Bernards, an assistant professor of chemical engineering, after he presented his research to her introductory chemical engineering class. Hearing from Discovery Fellows program students about the undergraduate research they’d done had piqued her interest. “I just walked right up to him after the class and […]

New faculty member continues work into advanced lithium battery research

The newest face among the chemical engineering faculty in the University of Missouri College of Engineering is no stranger to academia. Associate Professor Yangchuan Xing joined Mizzou Engineering after 10 years at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Xing brings with him his current research, which focuses on energy conversion and storage. The project […]

Engineering-produced films open doors for students, gain widespread attention

In addition to the screenings at film festivals, films produced by the University of Missouri College of Engineering projects have created opportunities for students across campus to learn new skills and take those skills to bigger industries. When junior Ben Poland began information technology classes his freshman year, he thought he primarily would learn about […]

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