Hydrogen car team president balances school work with teamwork

There’s a fine line to walk when balancing school, a social life and student activities.  In her final semester, Victoria Hezel, an industrial and manufacturing systems (IMSE) major, makes walking that line look easy. A successful senior in the University of Missouri College of Engineering, Hezel looks forward to her year in the MU MBA […]

Computer science graduate earns university’s award for master’s thesis paper

A recent master’s degree graduate of computer science won this year’s University of Missouri Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award for his paper on algorithms that can evaluate the quality of predicted protein structures. Kittinun Vantasin’s paper, “New Consensus-Based Algorithms For Quality Assessment in Protein Structure Prediction” proposes new computational methods for assessing the qualities of computationally […]

Five MU Engineering seniors receive National Science Foundation grad school fellowships

“Shocked,” “excited” and “happy” are some of the words five University of Missouri College of Engineering seniors used to describe their reactions upon finding out they’d received fellowships from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). For the five students — three biological engineers, one computer science engineer and one electrical engineer — […]

Biological engineering student secures prestigious Ivy League research internship

Most engineering students interested in research know that getting a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) internship is an important step forward. When Jimmy Winkelmann started to make plans for his last summer before senior year, he applied to several REUs in the field of biomedical optics. He was accepted to only one — the HST-Wellman […]

Partnership bonds college engineers with local elementary school students

Demonstrating the importance of science and math education to students in the early years of school has become the goal of one local educator who has formed a partnership between the University of Missouri College of Engineering and Columbia’s Thomas Hart Benton Elementary, where she teaches. Her efforts also  have garnered recognition from NASA. Kathryn […]

Engineers’ Week celebrates old, new traditions

Perhaps no other student body takes pride in kneeling to kiss a stone tablet while a thick, wooden stick — known as a shillelagh — wielded by a cloaked, bearded man dressed in green grazes the kneeler’s shoulder in a century-old tradition that ends in a group kow-tow. But MU engineers do. The Knighting Ceremony […]

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