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High schoolers reach new heights at summer camp

James Armes, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, releases one of the “bottle rockets” campers made during the second week of the Engineering Summer Camps. Teams of campers competed to see which team could build the rocket that would stay in the air the longest.

Empty 2-liter soda bottles may not be the material that engineers first turn to when designing rockets, but for high school students staying the week on campus, they’re the perfect medium for modeling a pressure-powered rocket.

The “bottle rockets” made up one of the activities that high school students participated in during this year’s University of Missouri College of Engineering Summer Camp.

More than 80 high school students from around the country attended one of the two week-long camp sessions offered annually at the college.

Students also had the chance to explore MU Engineering’s seven departments, making bouncy balls, programming computers, testing “blast walls” and more. During the week, students split into teams to build bridges out of balsa wood. Both weeks ended with the students testing those bridges to see which could hold the most weight, with the winning team’s members each receiving a $500 Mizzou Engineering scholarship.

See the slideshows from week 1 (bottom) and week 2 (top) below.

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