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Jennings elected as ASME district vice-chair of communications

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Jennings elected as ASME district vice-chair of communications

Jonathan Jennings was elected as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers student operating board as the District C vice chair for communications.

When junior mechanical and aerospace engineering student Jonathan Jennings joined the MU College of Engineering’s student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), it didn’t cross his mind that he might have the opportunity to represent the college at a national level.

As this year’s social chair and Webmaster, Jennings, along with ASME’s treasurer, MAE senior Jonathan Miller, attended their district’s Leadership-training Seminar in Duluth, Minn., Oct. 5 to 6.

MU ASME’s District C, which encompasses 11 midwestern states and two Canadian provinces, includes 56 colleges and universities.

While there, Jennings was nominated to join the ASME student operating board as District C vice chair for communications, a position that is responsible for making sure district representatives share information and that it is disseminated to the entire group.

Lily Ellbracht oversees the most recent MU American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) engineering competition. Photo provided

“Nominees had to give five-minute presentations to the group, and I was elected,” said Jennings.

“At the conference, student administrators displayed a map showing the participation of each school by putting a colored dot over schools, said Jennings. “As a region we were doing poorly and as a state, Missouri was doing worse.”

The newly elected communications representative has some ideas for how to add a little more color to the map.

“It seemed everyone was uninformed and disconnected from other schools and the professional ASME group,” said Jennings. “At the meeting, I talked with other AMSE student officers and gained ideas of what the community needs. We came up with the idea for a bi-monthly newsletter. I realized that working with other groups’ leaders and talking about problems and what works was a huge benefit.”

Jennings said one of the major problems that people had was keeping up with upcoming submission dates to ASME to keep in good standing, perfect content for a district newsletter.

“I’m thinking of trying to get this newsletter started by the end of November as the idea is fresh and people are excited and will more likely send me content,” Jennings said.

Also included in the newsletter will be information about upcoming seminar and conference opportunities. Jennings also would like to include due dates for scholarship applications and other opportunities.

MU’s ASME student chapter hosted their district’s annual conference last spring and Jennings said that he and Miller received complements for the campus and how well the conference had been run.

This year’s officers hope to sponsor more in-house engineering competitions for members, as well as additional networking opportunities. They are also investigating new fundraising options to possibly participate in upcoming human powered vehicle competitions.

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