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Organization wins first place for paper, competes with teams

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Organization wins first place for paper, competes with teams

Photo of a sailor tiger cartoon on the hull of the concrete canoe.

MU’s Concrete Canoe Team emblazons its namesake vessel with a sailor Tiger. The concrete canoe team is preparing for a fresh start to the new year.

The University of Missouri College of Engineering chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers took first place in the technical paper competition at the 2013 ASCE Mid-Continent Student Conference in April.

The competition, hosted by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, featured competitions for ASCE concrete canoe, GeoWall and steel bridge teams.

Technical paper

MU’s ASCE president Zach Treece wrote the organization’s technical paper entry on engineering ethics. The paper, which looks at the ethical implications of equating credentials with competency, won first place among 14 schools at the conference. The topic assigned was part of the Daniel W. Mead Student Paper Contest, which includes entries from all the ASCE student chapters nationwide.

Treece presented the paper at the competition before three St. Louis-area engineers who served as the judges.

Steel Bridge

The MU Steel Bridge Team took first place for its display at the competition. They placed fifth overall.


MU’s GeoWall team took second in the ASCE competition. In addition, the team also competed at the ASCE Geo-Institute’s 2013 Geo-challenge in San Diego. There, the team won first-place in Geo-Prediction and placed ninth overall.

Concrete Canoe

Coming off of a third place finish last year, outgoing Mizzou Concrete Canoe team captain Erik Howell said while the team did not place this year, they gained a lot of experience preparing and competing. Next year, there are looking for a more innovative approach to the canoe, and are currently formulating ideas.

“The main thing the team learned was to read the rules carefully and work as a team,” Howell said. “We had a great time and have a lot of returning members so we hope to do better next year.”

ASCE officers: Zach Treece, president; James Dawson, vice president of speakers; Logan Forsythe, vice president of service; Zach Brinker, vice president of fundraising; Paige Martz, secretary; Pedro Ruiz Fabian, treasurer; Josh Garton, director of social media; and Matt Jackson, Civil Engineering Day for Kids Director. The organization will hold officer elections in December.

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