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What’s new with MAE’s student organizations?

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What’s new with MAE’s student organizations?

The student organizations involved in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department have had a busy year building cars and rockets. Read about their past year and what to look forward to.


Five men steady a rocket in the desert.

Members of MU Engineering’s AIAA chapter stabilize their rocket prior to launch at the eighth annual Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition last June.

The MU chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics spent much of the summer getting ready for a rocket camp they will co-sponsored with AMSE. The event will give high school-aged students a fun and in-depth look into rocket technology and aeronautical engineering.

In June, the group competed in the eighth annual Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in Utah. Next year’s competition will allow the group to fulfill some of its outreach initiatives as members prepare for the June event.

Officers for 2013-2014: Jonathan Jennings, president; Carl Fuemmeler, vice president; Carl Knox, treasurer; Steve Schafer, secretary; Ryan Hines, webmaster.


The Mizzou chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers will co-sponsor AIAA’s rocket camp in October. ASME president Jonathan Jennings, who also serves as the ASME district vice chair of communications, attended the Student Leadership Seminar and Student Professional Development Conference. Now serving his second year in the position, Jennings and his a successor will work with ASME district leaders on the transition throughout the year.

ASME is looking to create an interactive organization, which includes outreach to school-aged kids and communities, participation in more competitions and holding the annual MAE forum for their industrial advisory committee.

Officers for 2013-2014: Jonathan Jennings, president; Chad Belt, vice president; Colton Gerling, secretary; Cameron Webber, treasurer; Austin Landrum, tours.

Formula SAE

MU’s Formula SAE team competed in its annual races in Michigan and Nebraska in May and June, respectively.

In Michigan, the team placed 69th overall out of 104 teams; they placed 10th in design, 45th in presentation, 16th in cost and 80th in autocross. In Lincoln, the team placed 33rd overall from a field of 60 teams, 39th in design, 21st in cost, 15th in acceleration, 24th in the skidpad test and 16th in autocross.

Officers for 2013-2014: Jacob Brown, president; Mark Schaumburg, vice president; Rory Hourihan, treasurer; Lauren Wertz and Jason McLoud, webmasters; Alyssa Black, Corey Birkmann, Chris Head, Nate Conrad and Ryan Hastings, team admins.


Last year’s Basic Utility Vehicle team competed in the Institute for Affordable Transportation’s annual BUV competition in Cincinnati in April. BUVs are built to transport water against rough terrains often found in Third World Countries. Despite a motor mount break that ended the team’s run, members were still satisfied with their car, designed to fulfill its intended application at a cost reflective of what the budgets would be in other countries.

This coming year, the team is planning on building a new vehicle from scratch, according to team president Greg Tetro.

Officers for 2013: Greg Tetro, president; Jacob Harris, vice president; and Greg Conley, treasurer.

Pi Tau Sigma

MU’s mechanical engineering honor society Pi Tau Sigma will initiate new members at the end of September. They have organized teams to play in some of Mizzou’s recreational sport leagues and also plan a trip to the national convention at Ohio State University this year.

Officers for 2013-2014: Corey Birkmann, president; Justine Schaper, vice president; Alex Dodd, secretary; Shannon Murray, treasurer; Tyler Parr, activities coordinator


The second year for MU Engineering’s hydrogen powered car, Tigergen III, finished ahead of where it was last year at this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston, Texas. Mechanical problems plagued the team last year, and they weren’t able to finish a qualifying run in its category. This year, however, the team not only completed two qualifying runs — placing third in its category — but also netted a $5,000 prize for an infographic that was part of a new aspect to the competition.

Naadaa Zakiyyan, who was an electrical engineering freshman last year, designed the infographic and was in attendance in Houston to accept the award with last year’s team president, Sean Conway.

Along with a new set of officers, the team is also looking into adding a new player to its lineup — an electric battery car, tentatively titled the “Batt-Cat” — which also will compete at the Shell Eco-Marathon in a different category.

Officers for 2013-2014: Marcus Friedrich, president; Erik Morris, head mechanical engineer; Tanner Greer, head chemical; Naasa Fikri, head electrical; Branden Cambron and Shane Floyd, co-project managers; Malek Gentry, secretary; Markell Hayes, treasurer; Kurt Bognar, head of sponsor relations; Amber Honig, head of public relations.

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