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Taylor leaves department after 11 years

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Taylor leaves department after 11 years

Two women arm-in-arm in a group photo.

Connie Taylor, left, poses with Administrative Associate Mary McCush at Taylor’s going away reception.

Connie Taylor began working in MU’s Civil Engineering Department in December 2002, and after 11 years in the College of Engineering, she accepted a position with MU Procurement Operations. Her last day in the department was Nov. 22.

Taylor said she would most definitely miss the students she worked with.

“They are great and I have become very close to several of them and will miss the interaction with them,” she said. “I saw students come in as freshman and leave on their new journeys in life — some of them getting married and some of them staying around. I love that I have kept in touch with many of them. In fact a couple of them have been to visit me at my new job. They are always going to be special.”

Taylor said the daily contact with faculty members and others who came into the department were highlights of her job.

“I will miss contact with our professors and things like watching their kids grow up. Also,” she added, “Mary [McCush] is one of the best people you could ever work for and I will miss her.”

Having worked with purchasing in civil engineering, Taylor said she is seeing the other side of how and why purchasers must do things things a certain way.

“I like my new job; the people are great and very helpful,” she said adding that she still hopes to keep in touch with her civil engineering colleagues.

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