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ChE students recognized at E-Week awards banquet

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ChE students recognized at E-Week awards banquet

Chemical outstanding students hold awards with chemical engineering professor

The Chemical Engineering Department outstanding student award recipients are, from left to right, Jing Wang, Zhe Yang, Wilson McNeary and Nick Johnson with chemical engineering Associate Professor Paul Chan.

Chemical Engineering students from the College of Engineering were honored during the annual Engineers’ Week as outstanding students in their department or individuals among their peers. The awards were given at the first Outstanding Student Awards Banquet March 13, 2014.

  • Outstanding Junior: Nick Johnson
  • Outstanding Senior: Wilson McNeary
  • Outstanding Master’s: Zhe Yang
  • Outstanding Doctorate: Jing Wang

The students also awarded individuals for their achievement in research and service.

Outstanding Discovery Fellow: Kyle Webb

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Accomplishments: Megan Schroeder

Outstanding Graduate Research Accomplishments: Somik Mukherjee

Outstanding Contributions to the University of Missouri: Ahad Hosseini

Outstanding Midshipman: MIDN Tom Wegener

The Society of Women Engineers and the Mizzou Eco-Racing Team were recognized for their efforts as engineering student organizations, as were the E-Week king and queen candidates.

Queen candidates: Chelsea Pepmiller, chemical engineering; Justine Schaper, mechanical engineering; Megan Schroeder, bioengineering; Claire Spradling, bioengineering; and Beth Wiese, industrial engineering.

King candidates: Jason Barmann, electrical engineering; Kurt Ehlers, industrial engineering/MBA; Logan Forsythe, civil engineering; Brock Scoville, bioengineering; Alex Spiva, electrical engineering.

Spiva and Schroder were crowned the king of valor and wit and the queen of love and beauty, respectively, at the St. Pat’s Ball Saturday night.

The outstanding lab exhibits from the Mizzou Engineering open house held earlier that day were awarded to the individual exhibits and overall departments.

Individual Exhibits

  1. MAE — “Nano Composites are Doing Big Things!”
  2. IMSE — “Candy Trail”
  3. IMSE — “Paper Cube Assembly Line”

Overall departments

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Industrial engineering
  3. Civil engineering
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