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New researcher brings new field of study to college

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New researcher brings new field of study to college

Guoliang Huang

Guoliang Huang joined the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department in 2014, bringing along his materials research.

Guoliang Huang is one of four new faces on the faculty of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Missouri College of Engineering. He previously served as an associate professor of mechanical engineering in the Department of Systems Engineering at the George W. Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Huang’s research focuses on the dynamic behaviors and mechanics of materials, specifically, modeling and characterizing multi-functional materials and metamaterials — artificial materials designed to have properties not found in nature — for engineering applications. He tests metamaterials for their efficiency and other behaviors and applies them to challenges in structural health monitoring and energy harvesting, among others.

“This field is a very new research field,” Huang said. “Metamaterials have become a very hot topic, and I’m one of the pioneering researchers in this field.”

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Zhongshan University, in southern China, Huang continued studying mechanical engineering, earning a master’s degree from the Beijing Institute of Technology and his doctorate from the University of Alberta in Canada. He also completed a two-year post-doctoral position and a stint as a research assistant professor at Purdue University.

In addition to a doctoral student, who followed him from UALR, Huang also brought a research grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research designing and developing active acoustic metamaterials, meaning ones that can actively manipulate elastic/acoustic waves. He also has published more than 90 international journal and conference papers and two book chapters.

Huang said the opportunities available to him in the department were what attracted him to the college.

“Mizzou attracted me because it’s a very healthy research environment and the faculty has a lot of cooperation here,” he said. “It also has a very beautiful campus.”

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