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Graduate research results in book collaboration

Book cover of "Social Multimedia Signals" by Suman Deb Roy and Wenjun ZengDuring the time he worked on his doctorate in computer science at the University of Missouri, Suman Deb Roy’s focus was on the sheer amounts of data being generated through various social media and its potential use. Working with his faculty adviser, Professor Wenjun Zeng, Roy wrote extensively on computational models that could make this data an accessible and valuable resource for those working in such fields as social media, advertising, marketing and journalism.

“When I talked to my adviser, I said we should collect all of the research papers and write a book,” Roy said, realizing the potential impact of their work.

Zeng agreed, and though the task proved to be more challenging than Roy had anticipated, “Social Multimedia Signals: A Signal Processing Approach to Social Network Phenomena”, was published by Springer Publishing in August 2014.

“A significant portion of this book was based on the great work that Suman has done in his Ph.D. dissertation,” Zeng said. “The book will help researchers, developers and business individuals comprehend the potential in exploring social multimedia signals collected from social network data quantitatively from a unique signal processing perspective.”

Roy has since gone to work as a data scientist at Betaworks in New York City, a company that serves as an incubator for promising companies, working with one company for a while and then another, helping them understand the dynamics of the social web.

Roy said in addition to presenting a non-technical evolution of the web, the book provides evidence of where social media is heading.

“It also presents the potential for research in the world and may demonstrate areas other grad students and academics can work on.”

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