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Job in industry lies ahead for IEEE president

Portrait of Trevor Hassebroek.

Trevor Hassebroek is a electrical engineering senior who has completed multiple internships and has a job lined up after graduation in May 2015. Photo by Jennifer Hollis

Trevor Hassebroek knows exactly what he will do following his graduation in May 2015. The electrical engineering senior already has a job waiting for him at Burns and McDonnell performing the same duties he did as an intern last summer.

“I interned in one of the substation departments, working on substation design and drawing,” he said.

The internship was a valuable experience, Hassebroek said, teaching him about working in an industrial setting. It was his second internship as an undergraduate; he also interned for Associated Electric Cooperative at its Thomas Hill Energy Center in Clifton Hill, Mo.

Hassebroek had his mind set on engineering since fourth grade. One of his elementary school teachers first told him that his aptitude for science and math could lead him to engineering. The more he learned what engineers did, the more he knew it was what he wanted to do. In high school, Doug Starkey, a math and physics teacher at Camdenton High School, taught several of the classes that interested Hassebroek, including one called “Digital Electrics.”

“He was my favorite teacher in school,” Hassebroek said. “His classes taught basic skills in electrical engineering. I took all his classes.”

Although he also had been accepted into other universities in St. Louis, Hassebroek said he “fell in love” with Mizzou after one visit. He joined the electrical engineering program immediately and got involved with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s student organizations.

“I knew I had to start ‘getting involved’ while in college,” he said. So, Hassebroek joined the Mizzou chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as an underclassman. When volunteers were asked to run for officer roles at the end of his sophomore year, Hassebroek signed up as the IEEE vice president, serving in that capacity during his junior year.

“I wasn’t afraid to take a leadership position,” he said. He became the organization’s president for the 2014-2015 academic year.

As the IEEE president, Hassebroek said part of his duties involve overseeing the organization’s activities, which include monthly visits from guest speakers in industry. This year, he is trying to bring guest speakers from companies that haven’t presented to Mizzou IEEE in the past, hoping the sessions will generate more interest from all electrical engineering students.

Turnout at IEEE’s events has been pretty good, he said.

“After our first meeting this year, I had about 15 new students come up and introduce themselves to me,” he said.

In addition to his internships, he also has gained firsthand experience doing undergraduate research in ECE Professor Robert O’Connell’s lab, working with doctoral student Awad Eldurssi.

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