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Building Update: Input ongoing, demolition on schedule

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Building Update: Input ongoing, demolition on schedule

A collection of items from Roger Fales' laboratory.

Displacement of labs and offices is a huge undertaking as areas of reconstruction in Thomas and Nell Lafferre Hall are emptied in anticipation of removal of hazardous materials and eventual demolition and reconstruction. One of the labs that was displaced is that of Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Roger Fales, whose lab must remain on a ground floor. His lab has been relocated to the space shown above in Lafferre’s basement, but as you can see, moving the equipment was a small part of what must be done in order to make Fales’ lab operational once again. Hats off to the patience and good humor of those being relocated and to the movers and technicians responsible for completing these tasks.

The Lafferre Hall Reconstruction Planning Committee has  been working tirelessly with architects, researchers, students and staff to create areas that will serve their needs. Meetings have allowed various individuals and groups to share input about the new space.

The Audio-Visual Committee will meet in March to develop an state-of-the-art audio-visual package with flat screen panels and other equipment. One classroom is slated to have a raised floor so electronic equipment can be quickly changed without the clutter of cords snaking across the floor. The room will have an 80-plus student capacity. Sound amplification also will be installed.

Hazardous remediation starts the first week in March. This effort will rid the reconstruct area of all hazardous materials so demolition can begin on schedule after graduation, and be completed in August, after which the construction can commence.

A contract to demolish the 1935 and 1944 additions will be let in April, and demolition will begin in May.

Advancement is making plans to offer a variety of naming opportunities at all levels of financial support for those who would like add their names — or the names of those they would like to honor — to the 2016 reconstruct project. From larger gifts that can create a personal legacy by naming rooms in the reconstructed space to the modest price tag of a brick on the new north patio with a personal message, there is a naming opportunity for most everyone interested.

Because it was one of the most requested features leading up to the reconstruction project, a coffee shop managed by Campus Dining will be installed in Lafferre Hall as part of the building’s facelift. It will offer coffee, salad, sandwiches and fresh cookies, baked on the premises, plus cold bottled drinks. Hours have not been determined.

The College is looking for an engineering-related name for the shop. Faculty, staff and students may submit their ideas in a suggestion box located outside the Student Services Office. The winning entry will earn its author a valuable prize.

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