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3D Print Club looks to replicate campus, racing team prep for spring competitions

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3D Print Club looks to replicate campus, racing team prep for spring competitions

Student organizations with ties to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department have been busy this year. Take a look at what three of those organizations have been up to lately:

3D Printing Club

By Nick Bira, president

3D print club members hold the board with buildings displayed.

3D Print Club members show off the small-scale models of buildings around the MU campus they printed. Photo courtesy of Nick Bira

The 3D Printing Club has achieved a few tasks this year. So far, we have acquired funding from numerous sources to work on a variety of ongoing projects. The first of these projects is to create a 3-D printed campus map in collaboration with the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide a kinesthetic map for the blind, visually impaired or alternative learning styles. We hope to 3-D model all buildings on campus and eventually replace existing 2-D maps on campus to improve the navigation tools on campus. So far we have modeled over a quarter of the buildings. We presented our current progress in the student center during Celebrate Ability week.

Our second project involves experimenting with different materials and designs to create a series of interchangeable, 3-D-printed prosthetic tools. We have printed off a variety of other people’s designs and are beginning the design process of our own. The last project is to design and build our own, large 3-D printer for use by the club and other student organizations. This project will begin planning by the end of the semester and start construction in the spring.

For next semester we intend to host a variety of instructional, crash-course style meetings on how to use different 3-D modeling programs. This will be for the benefit of the club members and the MU community as a whole. Another project we are discussing is 3-D scanning and printing various hair braid styles, in an artistic project to commemorate different hairstyles. In addition to these projects, we will be continuing all of the projects from this semester.

Officers for 2015-2016 are: Nick Bira, president; Cameron Webber, vice president; Roy Allen, secretary; Juhee Hyun, treasurer; Andrew Countryman, social media coordinator; and Sam Donovan, outreach coordinator.

Mizzou Eco-racing

By Malek Gentry, president

Mizzou Eco-racing is a student organization that designs and builds high efficiency alternative energy vehicles. This past year, the Mizzou Eco-racing team participated in the 2015 Shell Eco Marathon, which was located in Detroit, Mich. Our battery electric car “Battcat” achieved a fuel efficiency of 800 mpgE and was one of the only cars in our division to complete a run on the track. We also had the opportunity to meet Jay Leno at the competition, where he interviewed our team. More recently, we have begun work on a new hydrogen-powered car. This car, Tigergen IV, has been designed and is currently being fabricated. Upon its completion, we hope to compete in the 2016 Shell Marathon.

Officers for 2015-2016: Malek Gentry, president; Alex Weidner, vice president; Nick Bush, head of sponsor relations/treasurer; Michael Merwin, head of public relations; Branden Cambron, co-head of design; Mitchell Lotko, co-head of design; Naadaa Zakiyyan, head electrical; Sonali Siriwardana, head chemical.

Mizzou Baja Racing

By Greg Conley, president

The Mizzou Baja Racing Team is starting its third year as a student design team. We are working hard to get to competition this spring in Rochester, N.Y., with our second car. We currently are searching for a new location to build our car, as our old arrangement could no longer support our needs. Beyond that, we are building other aspects of our team including member retention and community relations. We are excited to continue growing and giving students the ability to learn real world experiences.

Officers for 2015-2016: Greg Conley, president; Bilal Hussain, vice president; Noah Jury, treasurer; Grayson Everhardt, secretary; Bradley Dahlman, chief engineer.


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