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Second undergraduate internship leads to full-time job

Photo of Lorenzo Boyice at a computer station

Lorenzo Boyice works at a computer station in the Undergraduate Computer Lab in Lafferre Hall. Boyice is a senior in computer science who was offered a full-time job that he will start after his May 2016 graduation.

Whether compelled by boredom or trying to fill an unoccupied segment of time in his day, Lorenzo Boyice often checks the Reddit app on his phone. He votes up or down on threads, peruses posts for DIY projects, catches up on world news and occasionally gets a laugh from funny posts.

“I get a feeling of connectivity to a community of people similar to myself when I browse it,” he said.

Boyice is a senior studying computer science. His interest in the STEM fields started when he was a young child, who was “into taking things apart.” His high school owned a 3-D printer, and Boyice said he became enamored with the modeling — not so much the products created, but the programming techniques used to create those models.

“I had more fun with the software that I was using than the products I created,” he said.

Photo of Lorenzo Boyice

Lorenzo Boyice

He decided to study computer science during his freshman year, after taking his introductory engineering course. He said he enjoyed the computer science presentation and found programming appealing, especially as it applies to consumer applications, such as the Reddit app he enjoys daily.

“I like the idea of helping people find entertainment — helping them pass the time,” he said.

So far, he’s worked on a personal project he intends to be a recreation resource that will help new residents in towns to easily find entertainment and activities.

His interest in computer science motivated him to look for opportunities in industry. A Kansas City-area native, Boyice has completed two internships over the last two summers: one with Hallmark Cards, Inc., the summer before his junior year, and the other last summer with Garmin Ltd., both at their Kansas City facilities.

“I was crazy nervous,” Boyice said about starting his first internship with Hallmark. “(But) I just felt like my foot was in the door.”

Eventually, he learned how to lead. “I gained a lot of soft skills [interning at Hallmark] and got to lead my own project,” he said. That experience gave him confidence going into his internship with Garmin, where he was able to learn more “industry-grade technical skills.”

Boyice plans to start working at Garmin full-time after his expected May 2016 graduation. Though he wants to work in industry first, he said he’s thought about graduate school for the distant future.

“The older I get, the more I think about it,” he said.

He also wants to remain involved with MU. He is a member and past fundraising chairman of the Mizzou chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, and a member of the Mizzou Computing Association. He said he’s interested in getting involved with alumni organizations and one day finding ways to give.

“I really want to give back to my community and help others go to, and especially finish college,” he said.

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