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Past E-Week King returns to light Jesse Hall dome

Photo of Andre Logan and Elizabeth Loboa standing next to the switch.

Andre Logan (left) lights the Jesse Hall dome green with College of Engineering Dean Elizabeth Loboa.

Remembering his time as a past King of Wit and Valor, Andre Logan, BS IE 2001, helped kick off the 2016 Engineers’ Week as the honorary switch thrower at the E-Week Dome Lighting and also served as speaker. Logan is the managing director of Portals Luxury Hardware & Accessories in Kansas City.

“It was one of the most magical moments of my time at Mizzou; it was also the most exhausting, so prepare yourself,” he said to the royalty candidates of the week’s demands. In addition to being crowned the King of Wit and Valor during the 2000 E-Week, Logan is a Knight of St. Patrick, and served on the St. Pat’s Board during his time as a Mizzou Engineering undergraduate.

Logan said he visited Ireland after receiving his undergraduate degree, joking it was “how much influence this week has had on me.” He had three pieces of advice to pass along to the students.

“There are three things that will carry you through the rest of your life,” he said. “No. 1, when you greet people, always look them in the eye, and always have a firm handshake. No. 2, follow your dreams, and No. 3, learn how to dance.”

After a countdown, Logan and Mizzou Engineering Dean Elizabeth Loboa flipped the switch to light the Jesse Hall dome.

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