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MU Engineering, Black & Veatch team up to fund sustainability research

Black & Veatch and the University of Missouri College of Engineering are teaming up to find researchers to help identify and develop world-changing ideas in clean water, sustainable energy, energy storage and smart cities. Black & Veatch is sponsoring a call for project briefs from MU Engineering faculty for the new Black & Veatch Award for Excellence in Sustainability Research.

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Black & Veatch is sponsoring a call for project briefs from MU Engineering faculty for the new Black & Veatch Award for Excellence in Sustainability Research.

The Black & Veatch Award for Excellence in Sustainability Research will be a unique example of what is possible when industry, research and education collide in search of engineering solutions for critically important global challenges. The University of Missouri’s unique research atmosphere and the College of Engineering’s cutting-edge work in Sustainability inFEWSed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities) make the MU College of Engineering an attractive partner for companies and organizations looking to discover the next groundbreaking innovation in sustainability.

Black & Veatch Chairman, President and CEO Steve Edwards will present one or more awards of up to $150,000 to the winning faculty member or members to support the research effort. At the conclusion of this research, a final report shall be prepared. Based on the results of the phase-I research, multi-year follow-on funding for further research may be made available.

Diversity and inclusion, key priorities for Black & Veatch, also will be considered during the selection process. Historically, engineering has seen low rates of enrollment among women, as well as low retention rates in both college and the workplace. Among Midwestern land-grant universities, only 11-25 percent of engineering students are women. At MU, that figure is 17 percent. Although there is no difference academically between men and women engineering students, women students often leave engineering in favor of other math and science fields.

Diverse perspectives and varied ideas encourage more dynamic and innovative solutions. In an increasingly competitive global economy, the United States can ill afford to underutilize human resources or suppress a variety of perspectives. Now more than ever, it is imperative to increase women’s participation in engineering.

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Friday, April 21 – Proposal submissions due to Steve Devlin, Assistant Dean for Industry Relations and Entrepreneurship

April 21- May 5 – Black & Veatch review, feedback and coaching period

Friday, May 5 – Selected teams will be asked to develop a more detailed proposal, timeline and budget

Tuesday, May 30 – Final proposal submission deadline

Wednesday, August 30 – Winning proposals selected

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