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Computer science majors Chris Mitchell and Evan Teters teamed up with journalism student Humera Lodhi to form Team MindFlow, and their mobile search tool, Informator, took top honors at the 10th annual Reynolds Journalism Institute Student Competition on Tuesday. The 2017 edition of the contest required student participants to create mobile applications that utilize artificial intelligence in a way that benefits journalism and news consumers.

Informator utilizes the Aylien News API, which indexes up to two months of reporting from reputable global sources. The app uses AI to uncover potentially unseen relationships between words and phrases from stories indexed by Aylien to allow journalists to discover more novel ways to approach a given story and generate new insights into a topic.

For more information about this year’s competition, click here, and check back with MU Engineering soon for an in-depth look at the technology behind Informator and how the app came to be.

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