Professor to give keynote at major Indian applied mechanics conference

As a Mizzou Engineering professor, Sanjeev Khanna is used to addressing rooms full of engineers. In July, he’ll take that even further by giving a keynote address to some of India’s brightest engineers.

Sanjeev Khanna head shot

Sanjeev Khanna, C.W. LaPierre Professor in the MU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, will give the keynote address at the third-annual Indian Conference on Applied Mechanics.

Khanna, C.W. LaPierre professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, will give the keynote address at the third-annual Indian Conference on Applied Mechanics at the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology in Allahabad, India.

“It’s somewhat focused on a particular subject of applied mechanics. This is only the third annual conference and it’s grown very quickly. And this year, they have almost 350 papers,” Khanna said of the conference.

As the keynote speaker, Khanna will speak about his research and the University of Missouri. He said his speech will focus on engineered materials for dynamic load applications, an area in which his research has focused on two key areas. Both areas deal heavily in improving structures’ performance in explosion and impact scenarios.

“One is the development of glass fiber composites for explosion-proof windows in civil structures, and the second will be lightweight composite metal foams for obtaining higher strength both at room temperature and high temperatures under dynamic loading, such as impact,” Khanna said.

“Whatever work I’ve been doing, I’m always mindful of whether it will translate into any application or not.”

Going forward, Khanna hopes his keynote address will bring greater exposure not only for his research, but for the University of Missouri College of Engineering, as well.

“I am hoping that after this, with a much bigger audience, we will have more opportunities for collaboration with institutions or national labs in India,” he said.

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