The Southeastern Conference Academic Leadership Development Program (SEC ALDP) identifies potential future academic leaders from the faculty at its 14 member institutions and seeks to enhance their leadership skills. This year, one of the College of Engineering’s associate deans will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Hani A. Salim Faculty Photo

Hani Salim, associate dean of academic programs and student success and C.W. LaPierre Professor of civil and environmental engineering, will be one of four participants from MU in the Southeastern Conference Academic Leadership Development Program.

Hani Salim, associate dean of academic programs and student success and C.W. LaPierre Professor of civil and environmental engineering, will be one of four participants from MU in this year’s program. It marks the second consecutive year a Mizzou Engineering associate dean has been selected. Sheila Grant, associate dean of research, participated in last year’s program.

“Being selected as a fellow means a lot to me,” Salim said. “It will give me the opportunity to prepare and advance my academic leadership for Mizzou, and I look forward to connecting with leaders from other SEC institutions.”

The SEC ALDP program began in 2008, and is made up of three parts. Each member university creates a development program for its own fellows. Additionally, there are two meetings — one per semester — which fellows of all 14 SEC institutions attend. This year, these three-day workshops will be held at Louisiana State University and Auburn University. Finally, there is a competitive fellowship component that allows for future growth opportunities for former fellows.

The SEC ALDP mission states the goals of the program are “Stimulating academic leaders to think critically about the future of the academy, teaching the managerial and organizational skills required to lead complex organizations, increasing knowledge and understanding of academic leadership in the 21st century, and improving the general leadership skills and abilities of academic leaders.”

“I expect the SEC ALDP will provide me with the leadership skills, administrative techniques, and national leadership resources to continue to learn throughout my professional career and to sharpen my leadership skills as an administrator at Mizzou,” Salim said. “This program will improve my leadership skills as the associate dean to create an environment for students, faculty, and staff that allows for change, transformation, and growth and to advocate for excellence by our programs, my college, our university, and our graduates.”

Salim has been with the MU College of Engineering since 1997, working his way from research assistant professor to his current position as associate dean and professor. Through the years, he’s worn many hats in terms of student support and research, including terms as director of undergraduate studies and associate chair for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and director of the Center for Explosion Resistant Design.

He has received multiple awards for excellence during his time at MU. These honors include a Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence in 2005, the 2012 College of Engineering Senior Excellence in Teaching Award and 2005 Junior Excellence in Teaching Award, an MU Excellence in Education Award and more.

The SEC ALDP fellow selection is just the latest of these accolades, and Salim said he looks forward to the opportunity to sharpen his leadership skills in a way that will greatly benefit both the College and his personal and professional goals.

“Our College of Engineering is going through exciting strategic changes under the leadership of Dean Loboa, which I am very honored to be a part of as the Associate Dean for Academic Programs,” he explained. “I envision the strategic changes our College is going through will be instrumental in ensuring the success of our faculty and students and will position us at the forefront and enhance our reputation in excellence in teaching and scholarly research. I believe participating in the SEC ALDP will provide me with administrative growth that will make me an effective contributor to the College’s strategic mission.”

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