Engineering gets boost from Inclusive Excellence plan

High school camp photo

High School Summer Camp was one of several initiatives to receive support as part of the UM System and MU Inclusive Excellence plan.

The College of Engineering recently received grants totaling $355,770 as part of the UM System and MU Inclusive Excellence plan to support a variety of inclusivity efforts within the College.

“Inclusive Excellence is a framework designed to help the University of Missouri integrate diversity and quality efforts. As a model, Inclusive Excellence assimilates diversity efforts into the core of institutional functioning to realize the educational benefits of diversity,” is the description of Inclusive Excellence according to the UM System.

The model for Inclusive Excellence at UM System has four primary dimensions: 1) Access and Success, 2) Institutional Climate and Intergroup Relations, 3) Education and Scholarship, 4) Institutional Infrastructure. The funding the College received fits into these categories to support initiatives and programs of benefit to all of Mizzou Engineering’s students, faculty and staff, including:

  • Intercultural development assessments
  • Multicultural Engineering Program
  • K-5 STEM Cubs Camp
  • High School Summer Camp
  • Graduate fellowships for students traditionally underrepresented  in STEM
  • Army Ants High School Robotics Team Outreach Efforts
  • A collaborative course on social justice
  • Increasing and retaining diverse faculty
  • The College of Engineering museum: ZOUME

The College of Engineering is committed to, and actively pursuing, strategic initiatives that create a diverse and inclusive environment for all students, staff and faculty.

“Having the UM System and MU recognize the importance of this work by supporting and encouraging it provides us with the resources needed to expand and sustain these programs.” said Tojan Rahhal, director of Diversity and Outreach Initiatives.

The funds support a wide array of programs that touch on a variety of different areas important to both MU and the College of Engineering. It will aid efforts to increase historically underrepresented populations in engineering both in terms of faculty and students, provide support for outreach initiatives aimed at elementary, middle and high school students of all backgrounds, and help the College train well-rounded, globally focused engineers.

The overarching goal of the College’s diversity and outreach initiatives is to help foster community for all members, as well as encourage community outreach and professional interaction. Being able to support incoming students with scholarships and fellowships, as well as current students, faculty and staff with new and unique programming is crucial to fostering the next generation of global engineers.

“Engineering comes from the word ingenuity which means to innovate. To innovate you must have diverse perspectives. The programs we will establish with this funding will allow us to be more innovative and achieve inclusive excellence. We are excited to add to the current efforts we have at Mizzou Engineering! ” Rahhal explained.

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