MAE doctoral candidate earns prestigious MU award

A man and woman in formal attire pose with a plaque.

Lissa Behm-Morawitz, assistant vice provost for graduate and postdoctoral affairs, presented the Anderson Award to Seyed Moein Rassoulinejad-Mousavi. Photo courtesy of MU Office of Graduate Studies.

Mizzou Engineering is home to some of the campus’ best and brightest graduate students, and a doctoral candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering became the latest example when he won the Donald K. Anderson Graduate Research Assistant Award recently.

Seyed Moein Rassoulinejad-Mousavi earned the Anderson Award, one of two awards given for either teaching or research excellence by a graduate student at the University of Missouri. His nomination was supported by three faculty members in MAE, one in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, a graduate peer and an undergraduate student he has mentored.

A trio of men in semiformal attire pose for a photo in front of a pillar.

Rassoulinejad-Mousavi was joined at the ceremony by his faculty adviser, Yuwen Zhang, and Frank Feng, MAE director of graduate studies. Photo courtesy of Seyed Moein Rassoulinejad-Mousavi.

“I would say that was the most defining moment I had at Mizzou as I knew how competitive this award is. I enjoyed my moment of glory,” Rassoulinejad-Mousavi said. “It was a surprise, given the high standard of the other nominees. Nominees for the Donald K. Anderson Award are the best in each department and among the whole campus, and my accomplishments had to compete with the best of best. I am very touched by this award.”

The Anderson Graduate Research Assistant Award comes with an honorarium of either $500 or $1,000 and is awarded to candidates who showcase the following qualities:

  • Outstanding contributions to scholarship
  • Future promise as a scholar
  • Originality and imagination
  • Satisfactory progress toward a degree
  • Research mentoring to peers and/or undergraduates

Rassoulinejad-Mousavi’s research interests lie in the areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology, renewable energy, sustainability and thermal-fluids science, where he’s done extensive work in the fields to tackle relevant problems using creative approaches. He has authored 23 journal papers and conference presentations, and he has contributed to seven successful patent applications.

“Seyed Moein earned the praise of his faculty as a creative thinker; someone who thinks outside of the box who is particularly hardworking and engaging as well, and exhibits great strength of character. His research promises to make a significant impact in nanotechnology, clean energy and thermal management. The faculty describes his research as truly cutting-edge.” Lissa Behm-Morawitz, MU assistant vice provost for graduate and postdoctoral affairs, said during the award presentation.

Rassoulinejad-Mousavi is the first MAE graduate student to win the award. He joins Andrew Buck (EECS, 2016), Peng Zhuang (EECS, 2010) and Mohan Dasari (Chemical Engineering, 2005) as winners from the College of Engineering.

“I would like to thank the Office of Graduate Studies board for selecting me for this prestigious award. My thanks go to those who nominated me and supported my nomination. A huge thank you to my adviser, Professor Yuwen Zhang, for being such a welcoming, supportive and determined mentor. I also would like to acknowledge all faculty, staff and my colleagues in both MAE and the College. I would say we all had a part in this accomplishment,” he said.

“I would especially like to thank my entire immediate and extended family for their support, good wishes and immeasurable contribution to my life. Especially my wife Ghazal, who has been extremely supportive of me throughout our married life and has made countless sacrifices to help me get to this point. Our parents, deserve special thanks for their continued irreplaceable love, support, sacrifices and encouragement.”

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