Internship success: Flaspohler soars at NASA

Flaspohler poses in a yellow shirt, arms akimbo, in front of a NASA reentry capsule.

Christine Flaspohler spent her spring and summer working in an internship with Jacobs at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Photo courtesy of Christine Flaspohler.

MU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering senior Christine Flaspohler maximized her engineering and leadership skills this year, landing an internship with Jacobs at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Learn a little more about her internship in her own words.

Flaspohler: I spent the past spring and summer semesters as an intern working on the Capsule Parachute Assembly System project for Orion, the next exploration vehicle designed to take humans into deep space. I spent my time on the analysis team running simulations and making sense of the data collected from our drop tests. I also had the opportunity to travel to Yuma, Ariz. twice in support of two of the projects’ final qualification capsule drop tests, where we drop our test vehicle out of a C-17 at 35,000 feet to test different parachute configurations. There, I worked on the footprint prediction tool that estimates where all objects will land based on day-of-test winds and atmospheric conditions. Working for NASA has shown me how many opportunities are out there if you put in the effort to make connections and make your dreams a reality.

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