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IMSE to offer online master’s degree next fall

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IMSE recently received approval from the University of Missouri to offer an online master’s degree in industrial engineering beginning in Fall 2019.

Mizzou Engineering’s online educational offerings continue to grow at a rapid pace, and the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering  is at the forefront.

The department recently received approval from the University of Missouri to offer an online master’s degree in industrial engineering (MSIE) beginning in Fall 2019. MSIE, a master’s degree program in biological engineering and a bachelor’s program in information technology will all begin next fall.

“We are in the fourth Industrial Revolution,” said MSIE online program director and IMSE Professor Bin Wu. “The characteristic of this revolution today is the rapid development of IT technologies. They have been impacting our lives and work, so we need to be adaptive. We need to take advantage of this.”

Wu said faculty are hard at work making their courses bimodal — capable of being taught effectively both in a classroom setting and online. He commended the total team effort required to make an online master’s program a reality.

There is no functional difference between the on-campus and online master’s program.  Distance learners will take the same 30 hours of courses and will complete a project before graduating. The admission requirements remain the same as those for on-campus students.

“In terms of academic requirements and degree qualification, there will be no distinction between the online and on-campus existing version,” Wu said. “The students get admitted according to the same admission requirements; they take the required classes; and they get the same degree from MU in industrial engineering.

“The difference isn’t academic but organizational and in the delivery.” Wu said. “Things have changed quite a lot in terms of infrastructure, internet, all sorts of tools for teaching and delivery. We want to organize and take advantage of the advanced technologies available to deliver this degree to potential students, in whatever way that is effective and helpful to them.”

Applications will be accepted on a continual basis, with deadlines of July 1 and December 1 for fall and spring enrollment, respectively. There also is an option for trial registration, which allows prospective students to take two classes before making the decision whether or not to fully enroll in the program, which will help those seeking another degree while working get a feel for how it fits into their schedule, among other benefits.

For previous IMSE graduates with a GPA 3.5 or above, the GRE requirement will be waived.

The application for the online MSIE program will be open in early 2019 through the Office of Graduate Studies. (https://gradstudies.missouri.edu/).

Please contact Wu with any questions at wubi@missouri.edu .

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