Internship Success: Valleroy takes flight with Textron Aviation

August 06, 2019

A man in a polo stands in front of a plane.

Zachary Valleroy spent his summer as an intern with Textron Aviation.

MU Biomedical, Biological & Chemical Engineering senior Zachary Valleroy — who has a double major in physics — maximized his engineering and leadership skills this summer, landing an internship with Textron Aviation in Wichita, Kan. Learn a little more about his internship in his own words.

Valleroy: This summer at Textron Aviation, I had the opportunity to work in a cross-functional team to perform control testing on plating processes. So that strict aviation specifications could be met, I had to incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach and utilize a team of chemical and materials engineers to quickly identify and eliminate process problems and hazards. This internship exposed me to the importance of teamwork and collaboration among engineering disciplines, as well as to the discovery of a potential career path in which I can integrate both chemical engineering and physics.