College Bestows Awards for Faculty, Staff and Students

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Although the MU College of Engineering was unable to hold its annual awards banquet in the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College nevertheless honored faculty, staff and students for their dedication and service to the College.

College of Engineering faculty and staff receiving awards for their outstanding work include:

The College’s various degree programs gave awards to their most outstanding students:


  • Junior: Sarah Thompson
  • Senior: Maria Patino-Carranza
  • MS: Blake Darkow
  • PhD: Jing Zhou

Biomedical Engineering

  • Junior: Allison Hamill
  • Senior: Zoe Bowman

Chemical Engineering

  • Junior: Mollie Harrison
  • Senior: Alyson Jones
  • PhD (joint): Ahmed Jasim, Amir Mofrad

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Junior: Bryce Reynolds
  • Senior: Mirnes Mustafic
  • PhD (joint): Mohamed Bayati, Ayssar Abdulrazzak Nasser Al-Khafaji

Computer Science

  • Junior: Rebecca Shyu
  • Senior: Samantha Sample
  • MS (joint): Evan Teters, Connor Rowland
  • PhD (joint): Ke Gao, Yuexu Jiang

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Senior: Jason Pae
  • PhD (joint): Samira Shamsir, Jiayu Liu

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

  • Junior (joint): Grace Floyd, Natalie Mowery
  • Senior: Sheila Connelly
  • MS: Roland Nazareth
  • PhD: Wenbin Guo

Information Technology

  • Junior: Persephone Gloeckner-Suits
  • Senior: Hunter McVey

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Junior: James Wyatt Fritch
  • Senior: Austin Libeer
  • MS: Vasco Duke-Walker
  • PhD: Hui Chen

Nuclear Engineering

  • PhD (joint): Andrea Alejandro Saltos, Abu Rafi Iasir

Congratulations to all of the award winners!

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