Accelerating Careers

July 13, 2020

Students can now earn a master’s degree (MS) in civil and environmental engineering in less time than a traditional master’s program. The department recently developed an accelerated master’s program in which some undergraduate coursework can also count toward your MS degree.

“The department faculty thought students could benefit in multiple ways,“ said Praveen Edara, interim department chair. “Students can earn up to 12 credit hours as an undergraduate and apply that to their master’s degree. This will save them tuition dollars and time. Also, a master’s degree is expected for entry-level positions in some civil engineering areas. Students earning an advanced degree now will have additional career paths available to them.”

Financial aid can be applied to the classes taken as an undergraduate. Students could receive assistantships or graduate fellowships to offset graduate-level tuition, according to Edara.

Interested students should contact Director of Graduate Studies Maria Fidalgo to learn about admission criteria and additional details.