Ben Latimer

April 30, 2020

Ben Latimer

Ben Latimer

Ben Latimer

Springfield, MO      

PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering     

Faculty Advisor
Satish Nair     

Where did you complete your undergraduate study?
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Why did you choose Mizzou for your graduate program?
I chose Mizzou because my research interest is in the area of Computational Neuroscience and my background was in Electrical Engineering. There aren’t a lot of faculty members doing research in this area, but luckily one of them, Dr. Nair, is at Mizzou. 

Tell us about your graduate research.  What are some potential outcomes or applications?
I build computer models of brain circuits and use them to understand how the brain works. This approach, in close collaboration with experimentalists, helps us understand how the brain can function and malfunction such as in depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. An understanding of the brain is the first step toward development of treatments for these disorders.

What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved at Mizzou that you’re especially proud of?
I was awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, which is a very competitive award. I’ve also published papers and gotten to attend conferences across the country, which is a great way to combine travel and learning.

What do you hope to do after you complete your degree?
I’d either like to pursue a career in academia or use the skills I’ve acquired in industry. Either way, I’d like to be able to continue to challenge myself and learn new things.