Brady Webb

July 17, 2020

Portrait of Brady Webb

Brady Webb

Brady Webb

St. Charles, MO

Why did you choose to attend Mizzou for the IT program?
I chose to attend Mizzou and the IT program because I have always had a love for electronics as well as building things, and I knew this is where I wanted to be for my career. I ended up coming to Mizzou because my father came here and after I went on the tour, I knew I wanted to go, as well.

Tell us about your educational experiences.
I would say I took a lot of all different types of classes, which is what I really loved. It was everything from iOS development, to video creation, cyber security, and production management. Some of my favorite classes were the video and editing classes. This was something that I just really enjoyed and still do in my free time. 

Where will you work after graduation? How did the IT program prepare you?
I will be working at Cigna in St. Louis in a technology rotational program. I feel prepared for working there as I have a vast array of knowledge that I have learned here, as well as my ability to work in teams which will be very important. 

Did you have an internship or other opportunities during your time at Mizzou?
I had an internship at Express Scripts in St. Louis. It was an incredible experience and is what I feel I learned the most in. I would absolutely encourage everyone to try to work in a formal office at some point before they graduate because of how much you learn about the real world and your career. 

Would you recommend the IT program?
I would recommend the IT program because of what you can do in it. There are such diverse classes you can take which will help you possibly find what you love and want to do. It is very important to try new things as now is a great time for learning and finding what you want to do throughout life.