Electrical Engineering Student Earns Prestigious DEPS Scholarship

November 24, 2020

Portrait: Evan Schulte

Evan Schulte

A Mizzou Engineering student has received a prestigious scholarship from the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS).

Evan Schulte is earning a master’s in electrical engineering. He works on directed energy with his advisor, Professor Randy Curry, in the Center for Physical and Power Electronics.

“It’s cool to be in a position to apply for this scholarship, and then to receive a scholarship for it is awesome,” Schulte said. “I’m really grateful for it.”

Schulte was a good candidate for this award because he is an outstanding student and is characteristic of the students recruited in pulsed power and directed energy, Curry said.

“Our students have gone on to work at Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Livermore National Laboratories, Northrup, and Space X,” he said. “Evan Schulte will do well in any of these environments.”

Directed energy technologies focus on releasing energy in a rapid manner. It’s used in high-power microwave systems, lasers, electron beams and particle accelerators. In Curry’s lab, researchers are focused on using high-power electronic devices for defense, life sciences, environmental applications and alternative energy sources.

Schulte got interested in the subject after taking Curry’s Pulse Power course as a senior. Curry encouraged him to continue and pursue a master’s degree. During his graduate studies, Schulte has had opportunities to conduct research around microwave systems, lasers and high voltage capacitors in the Center for Physical and Power Electronics.

“The lab I work in is incredible,” he said. “There’s so much equipment and so many opportunities. In terms of facilities, it’s amazing.”

Schulte hopes to finish his master’s this coming semester and wants to work in research.

“I enjoy what I’m doing with pulse power, so hopefully I will work with high power microwave systems or high energy lasers,” he said.

The DEPS scholarship will help him in the final stretch of his program.

“They do a really good job funding students like me,” Schulte said.

Since 2011, DEPS has provided more than $1 million in scholarships. Funding for the awards is provided by grants from the Directed Energy Joint Transition Office and DEPS.