Patrick Kunza

July 17, 2020

Portrait of Patrick Kunza

Patrick Kunza

Patrick Kunza

Wentzville, MO

Why did you choose to attend Mizzou for the IT program?
I choose Mizzou for the IT program because I heard good things about the program going into it. I was also recruited to do track and field for the university so everything matched up perfectly.

Tell us about your educational experiences.
I focused on software development and computer management but mostly IT management. Some of my favorite classes were Web Development, cyber security and database. I like web development because I learned how to build web based applications and work with one of my favorite professors, [Assistant Professor] Nickolas Wergeles. I really enjoyed cyber security because I liked to do penetration testing on different types of systems. I also enjoyed learning from [Assistant Professor] Ronny Bazan Antequera while I was also his PLA for advanced cyber security. I also enjoyed doing research for Antequera where I researched the world of wireless hacking with SDR (Software Defined Radio).

Where will you work after graduation? How did the IT program prepare you?
I will be working for American Outdoor Brands as an e-commerce technology support specialist. I feel the IT program prepared me for this work by being well-rounded in the IT industry. I know everything from software to networking and way more. 

Did you have an internship or other opportunities during your time at Mizzou?
I did an internship for MTM in St. Louis, MO. I was brought in as an Intern marketing analyst in order to create a bridge of communication between IT and marketing and to meet the needs of customers. While there, I worked alongside company executives to develop new products between the IT and marketing teams. I brainstormed and presented innovative technology products to company executives. And I designed and managed MTM’s company competitor database for executive and employee use.

Would you recommend the IT program?
I would recommend the IT program. There are plenty of resources to use and the faculty are great to work with.