150th Anniversary

150 years of mizzou engineering

The College of Engineering was officially incorporated 150 years ago. Join us as we celebrate this milestone by looking back at our long history and looking ahead to a future of continued excellence in Engineering.

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Noah Manring, Dean, Ketcham Professor

“We’re excited to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our incorporation as a college. We have a proud tradition of engineering the future, and we look forward to reflecting on our legacy of student success, innovation and leadership throughout the year. Thank you for being a part of our ongoing legacy.”

Digital Time Capsule

In celebration of the 150th anniversary, the College of Engineering will create a digital time capsule. All students, faculty and staff are invited to get involved in the celebration by uploading photos, videos and documents throughout the year to commemorate this moment in history for our College. We’re looking for images that capture your time here at Mizzou Engineering, documents outlining your current research or projects, videos of club events and other assets that showcase Mizzou Engineering.

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150th Anniversary Merchandise

Help celebrate the 150th anniversary of our incorporation as a College. Visit the Mizzou Store to shop apparel and memorabilia featuring 150 Years of Mizzou Engineering. Net profits from the sales will be distributed to support College of Engineering student organizations.

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150th Anniversary News

Learn more about the history of the College of Engineering, from 1849 when the University offered the first engineering course west of the Mississippi, to the College’s incorporation in 1871, to today.

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Engineers' Week

A festive occasion that predates Homecoming, Engineers’ Week has been enjoyed by generations of Mizzou Engineers since 1903. The eight days of fun and festivity that honors St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineering, celebrates engineers and is considered the best time of year for engineering students. Learn more about E-Week.

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