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Recent Alumni Development Board (RAD)

The RAD Board is dedicated to the advancement of the College of Engineering, its mission and degree programs, the overall development of current Engineering students, and the involvement of Engineering alumni.  The Recent Alumni Development (RAD) board is a group of 15-20 recent alumni (within 10 years of graduation).

One of the groups’ early initiatives has been to fund an endowed scholarship for which $25,000 needed to be raised. They have recently reached this goal and are continuing to build it to provide scholarships for future Mizzou Engineers. You can contribute to the scholarship here.

Two additional projects the board is working on include a mentor program and curriculum advice for the various departments from the perspective of those who have recently entered the workforce.

RAD meets two times each year to share information, assess the progress of their initiatives and make plans for future actions.

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Become a RAD mentor! The Alumni Mentorship Program presented by the MIZZOU Recent Alumni Development (RAD) Board in partnership with the MIZZOU College of Engineering Leadership, Engagement and Career Development Academy pairs students with mentors who can provide leadership, coaching, counseling, and friendship to help develop students into future leaders. The program does not require a huge time commitment. We just ask that you contact your student mentee at least once per month. We provide the information for discussion topics and interaction ideas. Sign up to be a mentor today!


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