Diversity and Outreach

Office of Diversity and Outreach Initiatives (DOI)

Our Mission

At Mizzou Engineering we honor our values by insuring a diverse and inclusive college. Our Office of Diversity and Outreach Initiatives facilitates the outreach, recruitment, retention, and overall success of all members of our community, especially those from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in engineering. We provide professional development programming surrounding inclusion, equity, and diversity for all of our students, staff, and faculty. We house the Inclusivity Center which provides a physical space where everyone is welcome as well as a venue for our events and activities. We are also home to the Women in Engineering Program which focuses on all activities that support and recruit women students. We currently direct the Minority Engineering Program and work with student chapters. Our overarching goal is to help foster community for all members, as well as encourage community outreach and professional interaction.

Student Chapters & Organization Partnerships

The College of Engineering has over 50 student organizations. The Office of Diversity and Outreach Initiatives actively supports and helps these organizations succeed. A few examples are the:

Our office is advised by three councils Student Advisory Council, Graduate Student Advisory Council and Faculty and Staff Advisory Council.

Inclusivity Center Vision

Our vision is to provide a welcoming environment for all students, staff, and faculty as well as prospective students in the College of Engineering and across campus. Everyone is diverse in their own way and we welcome you to our center to take part in activities, to have lunch, or to do your work

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