Diversity and Outreach

Women in Engineering Program

There has never been a better time to be an engineer, and the University of Missouri is a great choice for women in engineering. The Women in Engineering program seeks to provide resources for prospective women students who want to change the world through engineering. We foster community among women in the College of Engineering through monthly events, and our inclusivity center space serves as a gathering place for students. No matter your interests or year in school, the Women in Engineering program has involvement opportunities for you.

Women in Engineering group presents on the quad

These initiatives also focus upon recruiting, supporting, and retaining women students by creating a more inclusive environment, eliminating individual and structural barriers to success and connecting students to resources across campus.

Some of our fundamental objectives are:

  • to ensure the continued growth of women in engineering by eliminating the structural and individual barriers to success.
  • to ensure the success and retention of women in engineering.
  • to help all women in the College of Engineering explore opportunities for scholarships, conferences, research and more.
  • to provide services tailored to your unique interests and year in school.
  • to equip young girls with information and hands-on experiences in engineering.

WIE Outreach

Now is a great time to equip young students with the inspiration, initiative and curiosity to pursue STEM fields. In fact, over 50 percent of future U.S. jobs will require a background in math, science and technology, according to the Department of Labor. As part of the women in engineering programming, we are committed to inspiring and preparing young women to pursue science, math, technology and engineering (STEM) fields through events and resources.

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