Merit Badge Day

Merit Badge University 2019

October 3, 2020

Merit Badge Day is almost here!

The Great Rivers Council is excited to announce that the University of Missouri College of Engineering will once again be our partner for Merit Badge Day 2020!

Please save the date for the 10th annual Merit Badge Day to be held at the University of Missouri and hosted by the College of Engineering! This day began in 2011 as a project of the Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity. Each year, 800-1000 (or more!) Scouts from across Missouri and beyond attend.

Over 35 different merit badges are offered each year, taught by expert instructors.  Badges include the Eagle Required – Communication, Citizenship in the Nation, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid & Sustainability, and others like Weather, Search & Rescue, Architecture, Chess, Robotics & Nuclear Science.

A $22 fee per scout covers class materials, patch, souvenir and lunch.

Class list and pre-requisites will be announced on June 1.

Registration opens June 15.

Contact Information

If you have questions or wish to volunteer, contact:

Contact: David Harris, 573.999.7525,  or Nicole Fickel, 573.884.7004,
Cost: $22/Scout
Time: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Registration: opens June 15, more info click here
Class list and pre-requisites will be available online on June 1.

  • 7:30-8:20: Check-in at Missouri Theater (203 S Ninth St., Columbia, MO 65211)
    • Check-In envelopes are being prepared for each unit and will be separated by Council. 
      • Each envelope will include a sheet for each Scout indicating their schedule and classroom assignment(s), event patches as well as a master unit schedule, campus maps and other information.
      • Souvenir Water Bottles will be distributed at a separate table in the Jesse Auditorium lobby.
      • ONE PERSON from each unit needs to pick up the unit envelope and distribute the information to the Scouts in that unit.  We will attempt to get the name of the person receiving the envelope so later arrivals know who has their information. 
      • Nuclear Science students/parents/leaders received an email earlier this week detailing specifics related to class attendance.  If you did not receive that notice, please respond to this email. 
  • 8:30: Opening Ceremony at the Missouri Theater
    • David Harris will introduce President Mun Choi.
    • 8:30am-8:40am President Mun Choi speaks.
    • 8:40am-8:50 am Dean speaks.
  • 9: Opening Ceremony concludes – Scouts will be escorted to their class sites by MU Student Ambassadors
  • 9:30-12:30: Morning session
  •  12:30-1:15: Lunch Break @ Traditions Plaza and Carnahan Quandrangle
    • Meals will once again be supplied by Subway (3 choices of meals which each include a 6” sandwich, cookie, chips and bottles water),.  Some vegetarian and gluten-free option are available upon prior request.
    • If you have not done so yet, Parent/Leader meals may be preordered for $8, but must be made no later than NOON on Tuesday 9/24 by contacting Jessica Maurer at (573) 449-2561 x201.  If you need a gluten-free or vegetarian meal, please make sure to let us know by noon Tuesday so we can accommodate you.
    • Kona Ice will be on hand with Shaved Ice and Ice Cream available for purchase.
  • 1:30-4:30: Afternoon session
  • 4:30: Dismissal
    • Nuclear Science students need to make sure they have arranged for pick up at the MU Research Reactor
A few other items to be aware of:
  • Uniforms: Scouts should wear their uniform.  That will identify them as Scouts and be their “ticket” to get their meal at lunch.
  • Badge Completion: Not all badges can be completed in the day.  Pre-requisite information has been available for most badges on the event webpage.  The Sustainability merit badge link for prerequisites malfunctioned, so those pre-requisites are attached.  If a Scouts does not come prepared or does not participate in class, counselors will not sign off requirements
  • Class Records:  We will be using the same Merit Badge record slips as in the past.  One copy of the slip goes to the Scouts and the other is kept by the event.  If your unit prefers to use Blue Cards Scouts must come with those cards already filled out and ready for the counselors to complete. 
  • Computer access: Some classes will require Scouts to log into the MU system for computer access.  MU is creating login credentials called “Pawprints” for these students.  That log in information will be included in each Scout’s check-in sheet.  Scouts are responsible for keeping track of that information and are responsible for appropriate use of MU computing devices.
    • The following merit badge classes do not have counselors and will be canceled.  Fortunately, this effects less than 20 Scouts.  If you are affected by this, please reply to this email with your first three choices of alternate merit badges.
      • Energy
      • Graphic Art
      • Mining in Society
      • Radio
      • Scholarship
    • These classes are expected to have counselors, but we have been made aware that there may have issues. If issues arise, we will address class changes at check-in.  If scouts in these classes would like to pre-emptively switch badges, please follow the instructions in the previous bullet point.
      • Architecture
      • Music
      • Veterinary Medicine
  • Social Media: Feel free to post pictures on social media during the day (no Scout names please).  If you don’t already follow the Great Rivers Council on social media, Facebook (, Twitter (, @BSAGRC), or Instagram (, please find us and tag us in your pictures using #MIZZOUMBU2020.
  • Remember
    • A Scout is Clean – please help us to leave the MU Facilities as clean or better than we find them.
    • A Scout is Courteous – be sure to be attentive in class, only use cell phones with permission, participate in class discussions and THANK YOUR COUNSELOR for giving up their day to help you succeed as a Scout!
    • A Scout is Helpful – please help your counselor to put the classroom back into the condition it began the day.

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