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Pillars of Pursuit

Biomedical Innovations

Innovative technology

The University of Missouri is one of a select few institutions to boast schools and colleges of engineering, medicine and veterinary medicine all located on the same campus, and MU also is home to the most powerful nuclear research reactor on a U.S. college campus. That proximity gives the College of Engineering unique opportunities to collaborate on cutting-edge Biomedical Innovations with researchers just a short walk away. These capabilities have led to key research breakthroughs in chemotherapeutics, diagnostic tools, cancer treatments, eldercare and several other areas.

The four differentiators became the priority areas for the College’s investments, hiring and resource allocations for the next five years. They collectively are known as the Pillars of Pursuit — Educating Engineering LeadersBig Data AnalyticsBiomedical Innovations and Sustainability inFEWSed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities).

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