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Pillars of Pursuit

Educating Engineering Leaders

Educating Engineering Leaders

Alumni from the MU College of Engineering have included inventors, innovators, CEOs and politicians, including 496 individuals who currently are serving as president or CEO of a company in industry. These individuals came from an institution that allowed them to participate in ongoing research and develop the presentation and communication skills necessary to become leaders in their fields. Today, MU Engineering continues the goal of Educating Engineering Leaders by offering research opportunities in faculty labs, leadership opportunities in more than 50 College-supported student organizations and collaborative opportunities through the College’s many partnerships on campus and through funding agencies.

The four differentiators became the priority areas for the College’s investments, hiring and resource allocations for the next five years. They collectively are known as the Pillars of Pursuit — Educating Engineering LeadersBig Data AnalyticsBiomedical Innovations and Sustainability inFEWSed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities).

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