International Admissions


International Admissions

The University of Missouri is an interdisciplinary, research-based public university located in Columbia, Mo. Mizzou is highly regarded for excellence in teaching and research and attracts top students from around the world to pursue an education in areas such as journalism, medicine, law and engineering. Mizzou is an AAU university, and is the only public AAU university in the state of Missouri.

International Student in Big Data Camp

The College of Engineering includes eight disciplines and numerous majors, minors and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students have the opportunity to work both individually and in groups in the classroom, and they may apply new skills in a hands-on way by participating in some of Mizzou engineering’s student organizations.

Undergraduate research opportunities allow students to work with engineering faculty on cutting-edge research projects, often in a collaborative environment that involves students from other disciplines.

The Columbia community is uniquely diverse because of the variety of people its three institutions of higher education attract. It is a safe community that is small enough to be tight-knit and friendly, but large enough to be multicultural and accepting of different cultures. Students will be able to comfortably integrate into life outside the MU campus.

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