BBCE Students

Students in the department of Biomedical, Biological and Chemical Engineering at Mizzou have the unique opportunity to take classes taught only by faculty and seldom with more than 35 students. Co-ops are strongly encouraged, and with required classes taught every semester, co-op participants will not see additional delays in their graduation timeframe. Some required classes are taught in the summer as Study Abroad classes, allowing students to earn abroad experience while progressing towards their degrees.

Mizzou’s large campus gives engineering faculty and students the opportunity to work with people from a diverse range of disciplines. Being minutes away from the Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs or the Department of Physics, for example, provides endless opportunities for collaborative research.

This interdisciplinary approach is reflected in engineering classrooms, and through undergraduate research and student teams and organizations, students learn the importance of communicating across disciplines, a valuable skill they can take with them as they begin their path to becoming leaders in the field.

Undergraduate Student Organizations


Alpha Epsilon — Advisor: Caixia (Ellen) Wan PhD
Our mission is to promote the high ideals of the engineering profession and encourage and support such improvements in the agricultural engineering profession that make it an instrument of greater service to mankind.

Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority — Advisor: Sheila A. Grant PhD.
Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority composed of female engineering and technical science students and alumnae.
National organization website:

Biomedical Competitive Advancement Team (BioCATs) — Advisor: Kevin Gillis PhD
Interdisciplinary organization focused on solving potential setbacks and needs in the medical field.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) — Advisor: Sheila A. Grant PhD
The BMES student chapter educates students about the biomedical engineering profession, while engaging in outreach activities to promote biomedical engineering.   We foster networking with employers as well as interactions with MU physicians and health scientists.

National organization website:
Mizzou club: Facebook

Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) — Advisor: David Grant
We are a student chapter of IBE whose goals are to provide the means to which students may interact with fellow biological engineering students, gain knowledge and insight about innovations and opportunities within their area of study by professionals in industry, academia and government, and to allow student leadership opportunities as well as a chance for fun and enjoyment with social activities at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
National organization website:


Alpha Chi Sigma
Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional chemistry fraternity and has more than 70,000 members across the nation. The Delta Chapter at Mizzou was founded in 1907. We focus on uniting both men and women, whether college students or professionals, through fraternal ties and the common interest of chemistry. We strive to form strong friendships, promote chemistry, and to aid our brothers in their ambitions.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers — Advisor: Karl Hammond
Our purpose is to keep Chemical Engineering students informed of the changes in Industry and build community among the students. This is achieved through educational speakers, social events, community service activities, compete in various AIChE competitions, and attending AIChE regional and national conferences.

Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) Advisor: Kathleen Trauth
We network within the nuclear and nuclear-related communities to spread awareness and scholarship opportunities to students interested in these fields. we are not limited to only nuclear or engineering majors, we seek to show that nuclear-related can by anyone. Some examples would be accountants, packaging and transport related people, lobbyists, public relations, biologists, physicists, and just about any engineering major you could think of!

Omega Chi Epsilon – Chemical Engineering Honors Society Advisor: Bret Ulery
We promote networking among high-achieving students within the field of chemical engineering through social, professional, and service events. We organize E-Week Lab Exhibits to represent the chemical engineering program as well as a chemical engineering oriented event during the Mizzou Engineering Student Council’s High School Day.

Graduate Student Organizations

  • Graduates’ Club of Biological Engineering (GCBE) — Advisor: Fu-hung Hsieh Ph.D.
    The purpose of the Graduates’ Club of Biological Engineering is to exchange ideas and strengthen the bonds between the graduate students that are working in different areas of biological Engineering, as well between the graduate students and faculty

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