Fall 2019 BBCE Seminar Series

Past Seminars

All seminars took place at 11 a.m. in Ketcham Auditorium.

August 27

“Controlled synthesis of biomaterials for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease”

Anthony Convertine
Missouri University of Science & Technology

September 3

“Growth mechanisms of lithium metal dendrites in liquid and solid electrolytes”

Peng Bai
Washington University in St. Louis

September 19

“A multi-dimensional approach to explore entrepreneurial opportunities of biomedical, biological, and chemical engineering in food systems”

Kathleen Liang
North Carolina S&T

October 1

“Using light to fabricate, interrogate, and activate nanostructured materials and interfaces”

Andy Hillier
Iowa State University

October 8

“Tunable semiconductive polymers: decoupling of critical properties via statistical copolymerization”

Michael Minkler
Auburn University

October 15

“Tackling CO2 issues by chemical conversion and by reducing CO2 emission”
Part of the Henry E. Bent Distinguished Lecture Series

Jingguang Chen
Columbia University in the City of New York

October 29

“High-energy li- and na-ion batteries enabled by advanced materials”

Chris Johnson
Argonne National Laboratory

November 5

“Manufacturing fit-for-purpose membranes from nanostructured polymers”

William Philip
University of Notre Dame

December 3

“Peptoid microspheres: Characterization and applications”

Shannon Servoss
University of Arkansas

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