Civil Engineering Research

The University of Missouri College of Engineering has a vision for becoming the college of choice for faculty and students. The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department is dedicated to promoting the College’s vision.

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Educating Engineering Leaders

MU Civil and Environmental Engineering has a long-standing commitment to educate the future leaders of the Civil and Environmental Engineering profession by offering research opportunities in faculty labs, leadership opportunities in student organizations, and industrial collaborative opportunities.

Big Data Analytics

Data Mining teams at MU Civil and Environmental Engineering collect, integrate, and analyze time and space dependent Big Data produced by advanced testing and monitoring technologies for long-term condition assessment of civil infrastructure systems.


Researchers at MU Civil and Environmental Engineering are dedicated to sustainable development of the next-generation of Smart Cities. The world-class collaborative research in this area includes sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems, advanced construction materials, structural health monitoring systems, intelligent transportation systems, energy harvesting, water quality and wastewater treatment and other technological advances in city infrastructure.

Biomedical Innovations

MU Civil and Environmental Engineering teams perform collaborative cutting-edge research in the area of biomedical innovations. Research supported in this area includes development of implantable sensors, smart materials for medical applications, and nanotechnology and monitoring technologies for water treatment.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Smart Cities Research

We have recently launched our Smart Cities program which focuses on a world-class collaborative research to integrate Smart Infrastructure and Transportation with Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data Analytics.

Civil Engineering Research Labs

Centers, Programs & Groups

Signature Research Programs

  • Institute for Interdisciplinary Geotechnics
  • Transportation Infrastructure Center
  • National Center for Explosion Resistant Design
  • Midwest Energy Efficiency Research Consortium
  • Missouri Water Resources Research Center

Faculty Research Programs

  • Center for Transportation Security

Civil Engineering Areas of Emphasis

  • Geotechnical
  • Geotechnical engineering deals with the facilities that make up our infrastructure in, on, or made with earth materials.
  • Structural
  • Structural engineers analyze and design structures to ensure that they safely perform their purpose.
  • Transportation
  • Transportation engineers develop facilities like highways, traffic signals, transit systems, airports and seaports.

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