The Mizzou Experience

Learn from world-class faculty. Perform internships with multinational civil engineering firms. Build steel and timber bridges and concrete canoes for competition against other universities. These and more opportunities are available for students in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Civil and environmental engineers work in public, governmental agencies as well as the private sector to enhance the quality of life for people around the globe. They work on projects such as dams, airports, roads, bridges and pipelines and are employed by organizations including the Missouri Department of Transportation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Black & Veatch.

Undergraduate Students

Students have opportunities to participate in undergraduate research in a supportive environment. Graduates are prepared to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing industry while completing course work both independently and in team-based assignments. Choose from specialized course work in four emphasis areas: Environmental/Water Resources, Geotechnical, Structural, and Transportation. Join CEE-centric student organizations to meet new friends and to grow your personal and professional networks.


Graduate Students

Prepare for academic and research positions with an advanced degree in civil engineering. Or, get ready to step into advanced career opportunities at major organizations.

Students work alongside prominent faculty and conduct their own experimental research in departmental laboratories, with facilities including the ZouSim Transportation Simulation Lab, Missouri Asphalt Pavement and Innovation Laboratory (MAPIL), Remote Structures Testing Facility, Water Quality Assessment Lab, and other world-class labs.

Mizzou’s Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship Program is highly recommended for students pursuing an academic career. This program prepares future educators for the challenges and expectations of academia.


Leadership and Career Opportunities

Opportunities for personal and professional growth are at Mizzou Engineering. Join clubs, network for internships and jobs, and be part of a competition team. Explore new interests and enhance your student experience beyond the classroom.


Many CEE students gain experience outside the classroom before graduation while conducting an internship. Students perform internships at design firms, construction companies, and in the public sector. Our Engineering Career Services office can help you find an internship and prepare you for your career. 

Competitions and Events

CEE students participate in clubs and competitions that develop their professional skills and create new friendships. Build steel and wooden bridges for competitions against other universities. And Mizzou Engineering students plan and participate in the oldest Engineers’ Week in the country.

Student Organizations

Meet other engineers with similar interests to yourself when you get involved in one or more of the 7 CEE-centric student organizations.

Join one of several student-run Mizzou Engineering competition teams and general interest organizations. In addition, Mizzou has more than 600 campus-wide student organizations.


Civil Engineering Areas of Emphasis

  • Geotechnical
  • Geotechnical engineering deals with the facilities that make up our infrastructure in, on, or made with earth materials.
  • Structural engineers analyze and design structures to ensure that they safely perform their purpose.
  • Transportation engineers develop facilities like highways, traffic signals, transit systems, airports and seaports.

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