Bachelor and Master of Science (BS/MS CS)

In an effort to streamline and accelerate the student acquisition of graduate degrees, we establish fast-tracking options for our current undergraduate students.  This option allows students who have completed 75 hours of undergraduate coursework, and maintained a 3.0 or better GPA to apply to the Masters Program, become integrated in the research environment of the EECS Department, and earn between 6 and 12 hours of graduate credit during their undergraduate studies. The program allows students to complete  both and BS and MS in as few as five years, and the application process is much easier than the formal application process; a GRE score is not required, there is no application fee, and Fast Track students are given higher priority for teaching assistant positions.  Please see the links below for the application process and requirements.

For a complete list of admissions requirements, please view the Requirements button below.

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