Neural Engineering Training and Outreach

The Nair Lab Coordinates Training and Outreach Activities

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Graduate Research Training

Geared toward pre-docs, post-docs, and junior faculty from all interested disciplines including medicine.

NIH BRAIN Initiative Summer Course (2016-2019) (impact to date – 96  Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty from 28 US states)

Undergraduate Research Training

Geared toward undergraduate students (from outside Missouri) from all interested disciplines, such as biology, engineering, psychology, physics and mathematics.

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Computational Neuroscience (2017-2019) (impact to date – 30 undergraduates from 20 US states) (Funded continuously since 2011 impacting 92 undergraduates from over 30 US states)

Faculty Training

Geared toward for faculty (college and high school teachers) from Biology, Psychology, Engineering, Physics and Math, who are interested in teaching undergraduate neuroscience.

NSF Research Experiences for Teachers in Neural Engineering
A six week research experience for K-12 teachers.

NSF Summer Neuroscience Workshop
*since 2007 (Impact: 124 biology and psychology undergraduate faculty from 27 US states)


For STEM teachers at all levels,

Neural Engineering Academy

Middle School Neural Engineering – coming soon

High School Neural Engineering – coming soon

Neuro-Lego Resources

Past programs:

NSF GK-12 Fellows Project (2005-2007)
Impact: 18 engineering graduate students, 40 middle and elementary school teachers; and 1000+ K-12 students; 13 different schools, including rural schools provided with 10 LEGO robotics kits each, which have been incorporated into courses in some schools.

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